Thank You Card Etiquette

Thank you cards can be a daunting task after your wedding day that you just don’t want to tackle. Unfortunately it’s just one of those necessary things. So to help you navigate the do’s and don’ts of thank you cards I’ve put together a few etiquette tips regarding thank you cards.

Find Your Favourite Pen

As much as we may love technology to make things easier, a handwritten thank you card really is more appropriate. Taking the time to write your cards will be very appreciated by the person reading it. Knowing you took the time to write your thoughts and words out will go a long way to sharing how much you really are thankful for their gift.

Be Heartfelt

A generic “Thank you for the gift we love it!” isn’t going to cut it either. You want your thank you cards to be from the heart and genuine. (Besides everyone can tell when it’s something you’ve just cut and paste from one card to the next. Where’s the fun in that?) To learn about the basic formula of thank you cards, read my past blog post here. While you don’t want to be generic there really is only so many ways you can say thank you, so if you’re using similar formats or phrases be sure to proof all of your cards before you send them first so you don’t thank someone for the wrong gift.

Every Gift Deserves A Thank You

Each and every gift you receive deserves its own personalized thank you card. Someone has taken the time to purchase a gift in celebration of your wedding day. You can take a couple of minutes to thank them for the thoughtfulness.

Send Them Out Quickly

You want your thank you cards to be sent out in a reasonable timeframe. This doesn’t mean you need to rush home from your honeymoon to write and send them right away, but be conscious of when you are sending them. For example, gifts you receive before your wedding day, such as a bridal shower gift or early wedding gift, should have the thank you card in the mail at least by the month after you received it. Receiving gifts on your wedding day gives you more time since your guests understand you’re busy then. General rule of thumb is a few months after the wedding, but don’t put it off too long.

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