The Upside of Having an Unplugged Wedding

I may be a little biased here, but I think unplugged weddings are the best way to go. In today’s blog post I’m going to share all of the reasons why I believe this.

Less Distractions

It’s distracting when people are getting up and out of their seats constantly to get “the shot”. You invited your guests to take part and enjoy your wedding day with you and you hired your photographer to capture the photos. This brings us to my next point.

Let Your Photographer Give You Their Best Work

An unplugged ceremony ensures your photographer won’t have to negotiate with your guests to get the best location for photos during your ceremony. They also won’t have to worry about anyone blocking the aisle or missing an important photograph because a guest jumping in front of their camera at a key moment. Your photographer will also provide you with the best quality images of your wedding day so you can share great photos on social media.

Keep Things Private

Some of your guests may prefer to not have their photos posted online. By having an unplugged ceremony you can respect the wishes of these people and ensure everyone will enjoy your wedding day with you.

See Your Guests’ Faces, Not Their Devices

During your ceremony, when you look out at your guests, you want to be able to see their faces not their phones or tablets. The same goes for when you’re walking down the aisle. By not being distracted on their devices they can be fully present during your ceremony.

When deciding on whether or not you want to have an unplugged ceremony, be sure to let your guests clearly know your wishes. Communication is key. For some of your family or friends, especially the older generations, they may have never heard of an unplugged ceremony so you want to be very clear what you are requesting of them and why you’ve chosen to do so. You can post something on your wedding website so they are aware way before the wedding day, have signage or write it on your program the day of your wedding, and finally I suggest having your officiant to make an announcement before the ceremony begins as well.

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