Lights, Camera, Shoot!

As my graduation gallery show comes closer, I continue to shoot more and more so I can create a dynamite portfolio book. This past week I was all about getting more portraits and it showed me the advantages and disadvantages between studio light and natural light. With studio lights I have total control over the…

Location tells half the story

My goal last week was to step out of my comfort zone and I think my latest portrait assignment accomplished that. For the Executive portrait I had to shoot a portrait on location of a person of authority. One of the main objectives of this project was learning how to light a subject and work…

Which One?

I’ve edited this one photo and I can’t decide whether I should leave her skirt in colour or leave the ottoman in colour. Other than that I have one more photo done!

8 out of 12

I’ve finally finished more than half of the photos needed for my assignment!

Two More Done

While working on both Friday and today, I have actually managed to finish two more photos!! Amazing!

Fourth One Done

Here is my fourth finished photo!! This is coming along so good!  

Quickest Photo Finished Yet

This photo only took me 75 minutes to edit!! That’s the quickest of all of my photos I have edited so far. Hopefully this luck will continue!